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From "Raghuveer" <>
Subject Validations from Nested Tags Data
Date Mon, 24 Apr 2006 10:07:09 GMT
What are the possiable ways to Validate the data in

In below example.

txtCompany is the property in javabean(cBean).
In a collection(arlCollectionBeans) each row is a javabean(cBean).

Data is displayed by Nested Tags as below.

I want to validate for "mandatory","integer"

<nested:present name="cActionForm" scope="session">
<nested:notEmpty  name="cActionForm"  property="arlCollectionBeans" >
	<nested:size id="recordCount" name="cActionForm"
		<nested:greaterThan name="recordCount"  value="0">
			<nested:iterate  id="cBean" name="cActionForm"
property="arlCollectionBeans" type="com.example.nested.CBean" indexId="i" >
				<tr><td><nested:text  property="txtCompany" /></td></tr

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