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From Bart Busschots <>
Subject Re: The Mytical stagnation
Date Sat, 01 Apr 2006 22:00:15 GMT

> You are not in Kansas, Toto.  You are on the Internet.  And, aren't you
> Belgian? 
Yup, your googling abilities are indeed great!
> I have, as I said, spent a great deal of time in Ireland and I
> don't recall that what you say is true.  
Well, unless you've spent more than 22 years in Ireland you'll have to 
take my word for it.
> I think it is false, in fact.
> However, I have no interest in being petty, so I will just call you Bart.
> You are not one of those calling Jonathan "Jon" are you?  
I am, but he has not asked me not to. If he communicates his dislike at 
being called Jon to me I will cease to do so.

BTW, if you are interested, the only people who ever called me 
"Busschots" were my more old-fashioned school teachers and they didn't 
use it as a term of endearment! The surest way to know you were in 
trouble in my school was to be called by your surname only, particulary 
if they put Mr. in front of it.
> Also, if that is
> insulting, why do you refer to your friend Niall Bren as "Bren"?  Just a
> question.  I am sure you have an answer.
Err .... what? I don't know of anyone called Niall Bren, I don't know 
what bizarre info about my you think you've picked up on the interweb 
but your sources seem to be somewhat wrong. Bren is short for Brendan 
which is a first name.

I'm also a little bemused that you are going to so much trouble to try 
get personal info on me. Either you are fortunate enough to be a lot 
less busy than I am or else I have hit a real nerve.

Anyhow, this is now most certainly turning into spam so I will leave 
this conversation before I start annoying the other poor people on this 
list by filling their mailboxes with the same thing over and over and 
over and over and over again. I hope others in this conversation will 
follow suit.


> --
> "You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it float on its back."
> ~Dakota Jack~

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