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From Dave Newton <>
Subject Re: Some questions
Date Wed, 05 Apr 2006 13:24:18 GMT
Jonathan Revusky wrote:
> What happens when you don't do any significant innovation for 4 years?
> Particularly in a field like java software?

You mean like the language itself? I mean, seriously... as a SmallTalk
and Lisp developer I always wonder why people choose to use Java; in
general I assume they just like to type and have nothing else to do.

> IMO, it is irresponsible to encourage new people to start off building
> new projects on top of Struts 1.x. It is obsolete technology and will
> simply become more obsolete over time.

So we should skip Java altogether, then, as near as I can tell.

I'm pretty sure most anything becomes more obsolete over time, although
it's nice to see other languages finally realizing that Lisp has quite a
few great features, so Lisp appears to be becoming unobsolete.

> Again, I think it is just completely irresponsible to encourage people
> who have no existing investment in Struts 1.x to make such an
> investment at this point in time, when the thing is not competitive in
> its space AND all further development is being abandoned.

I guess that depends on what you mean by "further development," since
obviously people are, and have been, working on Struts 1.x... that said,
I wouldn't use it for new development either.

> Frank, it gets painful to debate this with you or other people. 

So stop. My monk would be amused by you. Only slightly more than he is
amused by me, but amused nonetheless.

Personally I'd give a look at the Spring MVC framework, although I've
gotten quite a bit done with a Spring/Struts combination.


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