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From Andreas Hartmann <>
Subject Re: Controlling external process with struts
Date Sat, 22 Apr 2006 05:52:06 GMT
Bart Busschots wrote:
> Hi Andreas,
> Like any other web server a Java based web server use the Common Gateway 
> Interface (or CGI) for sending information between the client and the 
> server. This is a request-response protocol which is driven by the 
> client and not the server. What you are trying to do is have the server 
> push information to the client and ask the client for information when 
> the server wants it.

What I'd like to do is:
Client starts an application, which begins to run and sending output. This
output is parsed and formated by the webserver before it is sended. If
there is a request for an user, there will be some input-forms created, so
the user can react. Meanwhile, struts has to hold the application running
(waiting for input) in the background, while the user responds to the
questions. This should be best cgi: Browser started a request and it got
an answer on which the user responds with a request again. And so on.

The tricky question is:
Can struts send data to the client (after they have been requested from
the client), during they are produced or begins the sending of data when
all data is existing which is to send? Which classes could be used best to
reach this approach? Is it possible to achieve this behavior with the

I thought about an applet too, but this seems to be very expensive for now.

Kind regards,
Andreas Hartmann

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