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From Phil Zoio <>
Subject Announcement: Strecks (Java 5 Extensions for Struts) - 1.0-beta-1 released
Date Sat, 22 Apr 2006 21:20:06 GMT

I'm pleased to announce the release of Strecks 1.0-beta-1. Strecks 
(which stands for "Struts Extensions"), is built on the latest general 
availability Struts 1.2 code base, currently 1.2.9.

Strecks contains a range of features aimed to streamline the Struts 
programming model. These include validation, data binding and type 
conversion annotations, dependency injection annotations, and 
interceptors. For a more detailed feature list see

Changes since the previous release (1.0-alpha-1) include the following:

- support for Tiles (through TilesControllerRequestProcessor)
- added generic type validators for remaining basic data types: Boolean, 
Byte, Short, Float
- added ViewAdapter as one of the return types recognised by 
NavigateForward tag handler
- added custom tags to expose action bean and page beans to JSPs via 
arbitrarily named page context attributes
- changed FieldLabelTag, including appending or renaming various tag 
- added support for binding to page context attributes in BindTag

Strecks is now moving into beta as only minor features and bug fixes are 
now anticipated prior to a final 1.0 release.
Strecks 1.0-beta-1 is available for download from

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