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From David Delbecq <>
Subject Re: Extracting MessageResources from Struts
Date Mon, 24 Apr 2006 11:37:45 GMT
Using message ressources is not struts specific. What struts does beside
using message ressources is maintaining the user language in user http
session and use it when it need a message ressouce use. If all you need
to do is have multi language support for your messages, i suggest you
take a look at how ressource bundles are used for i18n in the sun java

Please note basically the MessageResources is a front end to this
allowing configuration of ressources in struts xml configuration file.

Julian Tillmann a écrit :

>Hi everyone, 
>this question is not entirely a question about struts but just about a part
>of it, which I would like to extract 
>from the rest of the framework. It's like this: 
>I have my own framework for creating dynamic SVGs and in one Class I
>have tooltip-messages hardcoded in German. I don't want to destroy the
>structure of the method-calls
>and so I thought about Struts 
>MessageResources where I can use different language packages in form
>of property files. So far so good, 
>but I don't want to add the whole struts to my framework but just the
>MessageRessources-part and so my question is:
>can I just extract the MessageResources.class or is there substitution
>I can use for this? 
>thanks very much in advance

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