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From "Frank W. Zammetti" <>
Subject Re: Some questions
Date Wed, 05 Apr 2006 15:50:32 GMT
On Wed, April 5, 2006 11:18 am, Mário Lopes said:
>> Because of your short deadline, JSF might also be a good choice *if* you
>> use something like Sun's Studio.  That will hide most, if not all, of
>> the
>> complexity from you, and let you just worry about your application
>> rather
>> than the framework.
> And how easy is it to use AJAX along with JSF? I don't have any
> experience with JSF but I've seen a friend of mine drag & dropping
> like in .NET. I'm not an apologist of WebForms. But if JSF eases AJAX
> I'll certainly consider it as a valid choice.

I think there are others around here much more qualified than me to answer
that.  Having said that...

I know that there are JSF component libraries out there that use AJAX to
update themselves rather than having the entire page re-rendered.  My
assumption, and that's all it is never having done it myself, is that you
can drop those component on a page in a designer and not even have to
think about AJAX... all you know is that if a given component fires an
event that requires an update, it will call the server and update itself
and leave the rest of the page alone.

In any case, I don't think you are precluded from using any AJAX library
you want with JSF, although it may be a bit harder because JSF tries to
hide some of the low-level stuff from you.  There is also Shale, which has
a whole remoting feature based on AJAX, and that might be a viable
alternative.  In fact, if you were going to go the JSF route, that might
in fact be exactly the right way to go.

Again though, Craig or someone else can certainly shed more light on this
than I can.  They will certainly know more about what is possible and easy
with JSF than I do.

> Kind Regards,
> Mário Lopes


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