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From "Ted Husted" <>
Subject Re: .NET/WebServices/Java
Date Sun, 23 Apr 2006 23:17:26 GMT
On 4/23/06, John B. Walker <> wrote:
> My next question for you Ted (or others), is:
> "How would I contribute this source back to Struts, and do you think that
> the committee would be interested in adopting this framework into the Struts
> project?"

The first step would be to get the code "out there" where people can
try it. This can simply  be a matter of setting up a home page that
describes the product with a link to download the package. A very good
way to get started is to setup a or project.
If you don't want to start your own project, there is a Struts
SourceForge project ( where you could upload the code.
Just take out a SourceForge account and let me know what your user id,
and a working name for the product, and I'll setup a module for you,

In general, the ASF isn't interested in donations of code that do not
include a community of developers who are ready, willing, and able to
maintain the code. The ASF has no paid staff, so we have to be sure
that there are volunteers to do the work. The first step is finding
volunteers to help with an open source project is to publish the
source :)

HTH, Ted.

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