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From netsql <>
Subject Re: friday ha ha
Date Sat, 22 Apr 2006 00:34:16 GMT
This is like wizard of Oz. "Go Away". "But we cam to get a hart, a 
brain, courage " "No one here now"

Why would anyone care if struts is not being "marketed" or need others 
to approve of you decision to use something else?
If you find Spring better, good for you. If you find JSF better, good 
for you. C#? etc. And no skin of anyones back to post everywhere "Struts 
is dead". It's very funny.

You have permission.

ps: if I have to explain why it's funny, it would not be funny. I find 
it funny because I tried a few others. And people posting that theirs is 
"less intrusive", "easier to extend". ha, ha, ha

> Would a rational person be waiting for these innovations you describe to 
> emerge from your community, or would they go elsewhere -- Spring among 
> other things, for example?

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