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From Laurie Harper <>
Subject Re: complex validation problem.
Date Fri, 28 Apr 2006 21:37:28 GMT
Jakub Milkiewicz wrote:
> Hi
> I have a problem with conditional validation. Currently i am working with
> struts 1.1 - because of its WSAD support but i am thinking of migrating to
> the newest one.
> My problem is that on my jsp page i have 2 radio buttons:
> <html:radio name="viewBean"  property="documentIdentity" value="dowod"/>
> <html:radio name="viewBean"  property="documentIdentity" value="paszport"/>
> I am using struts validator and in my validation.xml i want to have
> passportNumber property validated IF AND ONLY IF documentIdentity equals
> paszport.
> More, i want to have it validated with other validators too.
> I need something like:
> <field property="passportNumber"
>              depends="requiredif,mask" page="1">
>                  <var>
>                       <var-name>field[0]</var-name>
>                         <var-value>documentIdentity</var-value>
>                       </var>
>                       <var>
>                         <var-name>fieldTest[0]</var-name>
>                         <var-value>EQUAL</var-value>
>                       </var>
>                       <var>
>                         <var-name>fieldValue[0]</var-name>
>                         <var-value>paszport</var-value>
>                       </var>
>                       <var>
>                        <var-name>mask</var-name>
>                        <var-value>${passportNumberMask}</var-value>
>                      </var>
>         </field>
> So if documentIdentity.equals paszport, passportNumber  is required and
> needs to be validated against mask validator.
> If doucmentIdentity eqauls dowod, i do not wanna to validate passportNumber
> at all.
> Can struts validator satisfy my requirements? Can struts 1.1 validator
> satisfy it??
> I have spent a lot of time on struts mailing list trying to find an answer
> for my problem but i haven't found anything special.
> Maybe solution presented in
> is suggested in Struts.
> Can anyone help me.

Unfortunately the validation framework doesn't support this requirement 
directly; when you say depends="requiredif,mask", this is taken to mean 
'the field is valid if it passed the requiredif test AND it passes the 
mask test'. There's no way to have a requiredif/validwhen rule control 
whether another rule is applied.

The message you referenced in the archives looks like a good starting 
point to achieve what you want. Essentially, you will need to write your 
own validation rule. That message looks like it details a reasonably 
flexible basis for doing so.


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