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From Rob Manthey <>
Subject Are layers 'that evil'?
Date Wed, 03 May 2006 23:29:59 GMT
I found this recent par on a local JUG resonated for me and had some
theme parallels to Rick's current thread ... how much do we over-code in
ignorance of the natural mechanisms available?  (Sure, the uber-coders
among us can code better frameworks and deserve the fruits, but not we
lesser-lings, who usually tangle things more by trying on that caper.)

Paul Reedman wrote:

>I still run into Java projects that build their own frameworks !!! Yes
>Struts or hibernate is not good enough, we need our own framework, so lets
>spend precious several weeks (or months) of the project time recasting a new
>web framework.
>Another thing I have noticed is that Java people love building layers. So a
>particular developer doesn't like the interface into hibernate or struts (or
>whatever framework) so they build another layer on top of the framework.
>This layer then becomes complicated and so a whole bunch of other people add
>to the layer in an attempt to make it "easier". (which doesn't happen
>because all they have done is to make it more complicated)
>Of course this new layer hides everything and soon you have no idea what you
>are doing. Importantly no one documents this new layer, so when new people
>join the project, they ask "I don't understand this framework..". Of course
>they don't know that underneath all of this software is plain old struts
>which has disappeared from view. 

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