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From "Marco Mistroni" <>
Subject Logic:Iterate & HashMap
Date Fri, 02 Jun 2006 09:09:16 GMT
 Hi all,
	I m having a problem with logic:iterate

I have a Map that contains    {String, MyDTO}

In my jsp I m writing following code;

<logic:iterate name="<%= MyMap %>" id="stock">
    <td><bean:write name="stock" property="key"/></td> 
    <td><bean:write name="stock"property="value.allocatedQuantity"/></td>

                      <td><bean:write name="stock"

Struts complaints that 'No allocatedQuantity property found on bean 'stock'

But it is in my DTO!!!!

Am I missing something?

Thanks and regards

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From: marcus biel (innoWake gmbh) [] 
Sent: 01 June 2006 15:50
To: Struts Users Mailing List
Subject: Validating in Action?


I got a JSP, form and Action.
I want to add 3 values into an database.
This is done in my action.
The problem: I am using a Service to add the stuff to the db,
and when using this service, it throws error messages
like "artikel not found" or "project not found".
Now I want to display these errors to the user -

The problem is I can't do those error validation in my ActionForm,
because only after doing the action I will know wether or not it
succeeded -
so how can I then set the appropiate errormessages and forward to the



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