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From "Meenakshi Singh" <>
Subject [OT ]Frame collapse--please helppp
Date Mon, 03 Jul 2006 09:50:04 GMT

Hi all,

I know this is not the list for this question. However, there are so many
knowledgeable people out there in this list. I hope to get some help.

I have the following frameset in my application. I need to collapse & expand
my frame named as menu on click of a button. I have tried it with this

function hideframe()
	if (document.hideshow.view.value == '<')
	alert('In the if part');['thirdframeset'].document.body.cols="0,*";
			alert('In the frames');
			document.hideshow.view.value = '>';
	alert('In the else part');['thirdframeset'].document.body.cols="300,*";
			document.hideshow.view.value = '<';

however, it hides the frame but the wrong one & then does not unhide the
right frame.


<frameset  rows="28,*" border="0" id="firstframeset" frameborder="0">
		<frame name="header" scrolling="no"   src="Header.htm">
		<frameset cols="300,*" id="secondframeset">
			<frameset  rows="49,*" border="0" id="thirdframeset">
				<frame name="sidetab" scrolling="yes"  src="SideTab.htm">
				<frame name="menu" scrolling="yes"  src="Menu.htm">
			<frameset  rows="24,25,94,*,327" border="0" id="fourthframeset"
				<frame name="top01" scrolling="yes"   src="Top.htm">
				<frame name="message" scrolling="yes"  src="AdminLabel.htm">
				<frame name="top02"  scrolling="yes" src="new_page_1.htm" >
				<frame name="workarea"  scrolling="yes" src="new_page_2.htm" >
				<frame name="footer"  scrolling="yes"  src="Footer.htm">

Please help,

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