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From "Chris Loschen" <>
Subject Junit tests on remote Struts application in Eclipse
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2006 17:24:41 GMT
Hi all,

This is admittedly tangential to our topic, but some other questions on Eclipse came up last
week, and people here seem knowledgeable on all sorts of subjects... If you know of a better
list on which I could ask this question, please let me know: I should probably be on it.

I have a struts application deployed on a localhost app server (the stack is Windows/Oracle/WebLogic),
and I'm using the new Eclipse 3.2 IDE (downloaded last week, at least partly to try to solve
the current problem). I've set up the project as a regular Java project, which I did before
WTP came out. I haven't yet been able to figure out how to use the WTP tools, or if there's
something I need to do with my project to enable those, but that's another issue. I've been
able to debug the application in Eclipse just fine for several months by connecting to my
localhost app and setting breakpoints in my source code etc. 

Now I'm trying to get some Junit tests running. The tests themselves already exist, though
eventually I'll be writing some new ones to test some new functionality I'm working on. But
I haven't been able to run the tests at all yet. I keep getting a null pointer exception on
the tests which try to actually connect to the DB. All the DB connections are handled in my
app server setup, so I think the difficulty is that I'm just connecting to the code but not
to the running application.

I've got TPTP in this new version of Eclipse but haven't totally figured it out yet. Does
anyone have any suggestions to get me started or for some references on how to make this work?

Thanks for your help!


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