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From Maya menon <>
Subject Re: Tags in struts
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2006 18:30:54 GMT
Thanks Adam.
  Yes, I have a bean lets say, Testbean with two Collections.
  I have to display the value of these Collections[has objects] in a select box in my JSP.
  Can you send me the sample code please ?

Adam Gordon <> wrote:
> In my JSP I have a textbox and two list boxes[which can display
> multiple values].
> From my database, I have an object [a data object], ListData with
> following information returning 
> string result;
> Vector itemList; //list of object 1
> ArrayList itemList1; //list of object 2
> In my JSP, I have th reference to ListData object, I know I can use
>> bean:write and get result.
> Now, for getting fields within the arraylists, is there any tag which
> I can use ?

Yes and no, depending on your desired implementation. Probably the 
easiest way I've found is to use the LabelValueBean object and construct 
a java.util.List of these objects from your model data. Then, following 
the example at, you can use 
the html:optionsCollection element and the "value" and "label" 
attributes to retrieve the value and display name (two separate things) 
of the item selected in the listbox.

Since I just implemented this late last week, I can post an example if 
you'd's pretty straight forward once you grasp how to use it 
(although, it was this last part that took me a while too...)

Alternatively, check out the Radio Group section of the above listed 
URL, it provides an example using logic:iterate and bean:write but I 
don't think it allows for different bean getters...someone please 
correct me if I'm wrong.
> I have to
> -> iterate thru the list, which gets me another dataobject with getter
> method.
> -> then use dataobject's property
> its like a vector inside an object. Any ideas ?
So, if I understand you correctly, you have a bean Foo with a method 
getBar() that returns a Collection? If so, you'll want to just set an 
attribute on the request with the result of that getter method as I 
don't think there's a way to handle it otherwise. I did this last week 
also, so if you want, I can post that code as well.


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