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From Adam Gordon <>
Subject Struts HTML tag library clarification
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2006 19:09:14 GMT
According to the radio button section of the wiki page 
(, this is by design but I 
find it a little annoying...

It appears that with the <html:xhtml/> tag at the top of a JSP, an HTML 
input element gets closed correctly per bug 5518 (back in 2002).  What I 
don't see is this behavior:

If I have:

    <input type="radio">Some text</input>

My browser (Firefox) treats the "Some text" text as part of the radio 
button so if I use the onclick attribute, I can click the text and it's 
the same as clicking the radio button (I do not, however, know if some 
browsers treat this differently).

However, if I have:

    <html:radio property="foo">Some text</html:radio>

It gets rendered as:

    <input type="radio" ... />Some text

And the "Some text" is just that, plain text.  The only way I can see to 
make it clickable is to use an anchor tag.

So, I guess my question is was this behavior by design and if so why?



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