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From Phil Zoio <>
Subject Announcement: Strecks (Struts extensions for Java 5) version 1.0 beta 3 released
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2006 19:50:35 GMT
I'd like to announce the release of Strecks 1.0 beta 3. Strecks is a set 
of extensions to Struts aimed at Java 5 users aimed at streamlining 
development of Struts application with features such as POJO actions, 
interceptors, dependency injections, data binding, etc. For more details 

Strecks 1.0 beta 3 can be downloaded from

The main changes in this recent release involve some internal 
refactorings to easily support the Struts 1.3 when it becomes GA 
(General Availability). Users will be able to configure Strecks using 
the Struts 1.3 chain of responsibility request processor (as well as 
continue to use the Struts 1.2 request processor). However, the main 
targeted Struts version will continue to be 1.2 until Struts 1.3 becomes 

Strecks 1.0 beta 3 involves the following changes:

- refactored processor internals to allow for simpler support of 1.3.x 
and its chain of responsibility-based request processor
- proper packaging of Strecks .tld file in jar. Changed tag URI to
- changed interface of ActionContextFactory to use PropertyDescriptor 
rather than InputSetter

Phil Zoio

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