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From Bryce Nesbitt <>
Subject How to get the action name (in addition to the context path name)?
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2006 18:05:17 GMT
>From within a struts 1.0 jsp, how can I find the name of the action that
invoked me?
I can find the context path easy enough:
         <%= request.getContextPath().toString() %>
And the name of the .jsp that I'm in:
          <%= request.getRequestURL() %>
But where is the action name hidden?

I'm trying to recycle code from two actions:
     <action name="rezForm" path="/admin/changeFoo"
     <action name="rezForm" path="/member/changeFoo"

The .jsp's that implement the views are identical except for the
    <html:form action="/admin/changeFoo">
    <html:form action="/admin/changeFoo">

So I'd like to have them share the same code, and just insert the
invoking action name.
Can this be done?


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