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From Bart Busschots <>
Subject Re: Removing page from browser history
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2006 14:52:07 GMT
I wouldn't rely on the client side for this. With FireFox and a few 
extensions you can have your wicked way on the client side and send 
anything you want to the server. Hence it's up to the server to look 
after security not the client. If you rely on the client alone your 
system will be very vulnerable to attack.

The way I would do it would be to have a variable in session scope to 
store whether or not page two is available and then wrap all the code in 
page3.jsp inside a logic:if tag that will only display it if the 
variable in session says it's OK.

Hope that's some help.


Raghuveer wrote:
> I am able restrict the user going back to previous page from current page by
> browser "BACK" button.
> <script language="javascript">
> window.history.forward(1);
> </script>
> How to restrict the user going to previous page by removing the Previous
> page accessed by user from BROWSER HISTORY(Cntrl+H in IE).
> I am using Struts Tiles Web application i have few modules to navigate from
> home page after login.
> - Module 1
> - Module 2
> - Module 3
> In my Module 1 i have
> page1.d0
> will load page3.jsp.
> This Jsp page can be viewed by User only if he comes from
> Home->
>>Home page
> User After Submit Form in page3 he will navigate to HOME page with message
> records saved succefully.
> My Requirment is he cannot go to page 3 from browser BACK Button or from
> Browser History.
> So,
> page is accessed only if user navigates all before 2 pages.
> What ever i write code for this issue can be written only in Page3.jsp,
> Any Suggestions on this.
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