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From Antonio Petrelli <>
Subject Re: [Tiles 2.0] Tiles Without Intermediate Pages WAS: [tiles] page content
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2006 15:22:19 GMT
Greg Reddin ha scritto:
>     <template-stuff/>
>       <ui:insert name="header">Default Header Stuff</ui:insert>
>     <more-template-stuff/>
>       <ui:insert name="body">Default Body Stuff</ui:insert>
>     <still-more-template-stuff/>
>       <ui:insert name="footer">Default Footer Stuff</ui:insert>
> Then you extend it with a page like this:
>     <ui:composition template="/layout.xhtml">
>         <ui:define name="body">
>             Extended/Overridden Body Content
>         </ui:define>
>     </ui:composition>

It seems that <tiles:put> already accepts the body so it "potentially" 
could work (though it seems that Mehdi made a test and it doesn't work). 
Anyway the "default" part should be implemented.
It could be something like:

<tiles:insert name="myAttribute" type="attribute">
Default content


<tiles:insert name="myAttribute" type="attribute" 
defaultValue="/mydefault.jsp" defaultType="template" />


P.S.: Should we use [Tiles 2.0] when referring to new Tiles? I asked 
this because the site it is written to use [tiles] instead (anyway 
[Tiles 2.0] is much clearer).

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