Hi, You may try following: Enumeration expenseTypeList = expenseTypes.elements(); // Vector of ExpenseType class objects ExpenseType type = null; This will display type description in list box and retrieve typeCode when you call select.value(); Is that what you wanted? Thanks Ashok -----Original Message----- From: Tom Bednarz [mailto:list@bednarz.ch] Sent: Monday, September 04, 2006 2:24 PM To: Struts Users Mailing List Subject: How to set the property of a drop-down select list from an action class? I like to display a dop-down select list and select an apropriate entry from that list in an action: This fills the list box: The expenseTypes is a Vector of the following class: public class ExpenseType { long typeCode; String typeDescription; public ExpenseType() { } public ExpenseType(long typeCode, String typeDescription) { super(); this.typeCode = typeCode; this.typeDescription = typeDescription; } ... setters and getters } In my Action class I usually use the following code to populate the form with values from a business object: PropertyUtils.setSimpleProperty(form, "expenseName", expense.getName()); ... How do I pre-select the correct entry in my drop-down list-box? In my business object I have a value that matches the typeCode of the above class but dispayed should be the typeDescription. The collection is a vector, but I do not know the postition of the item to select, I only have its value. So I cannot use ProperyUtils.getIndexedProperty(..). But I can also not use getMappedProperty() since a vector has no keys.... So how is this done with Vectors? Or should in general Hashtables be taken for drop-down listboxes? Tom --------------------------------------------------------------------- To unsubscribe, e-mail: user-unsubscribe@struts.apache.org For additional commands, e-mail: user-help@struts.apache.org --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This e-mail message may contain privileged and/or confidential information, and is intended to be received only by persons entitled to receive such information. If you have received this e-mail in error, please notify the sender immediately. Please delete it and all attachments from any servers, hard drives or any other media. Other use of this e-mail by you is strictly prohibited. All e-mails and attachments sent and received are subject to monitoring, reading and archival by Monsanto. The recipient of this e-mail is solely responsible for checking for the presence of "Viruses" or other "Malware". Monsanto accepts no liability for any damage caused by any such code transmitted by or accompanying this e-mail or any attachment. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------