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From "Don Brown" <>
Subject Re: SSL support [s2]
Date Wed, 01 Nov 2006 20:46:35 GMT
There currently isn't anything like this in Struts 2, however, it
would be easy to implement as an Interceptor.  The SSL extension for
Struts 1 also does some other interesting things that should also be
considered like a secure link tag and redirect support with the same

I'd start by porting the RequestProcessor code to an Interceptor, and
perhaps have it key off a @Secure annotation on the action method
instead.  The SSL port would be a parameter of the interceptor.  Then,
you could include the interceptor in your default stack.  As for the
link tag, simply override the template for the link tag and have it
generate a different url.   You might need to create a new tag,

If you create the interceptor, please consider donating it to Struts
2, as that'd be a great feature to support out of the box.


On 11/1/06, Jim Reynolds <> wrote:
> Considering upgrading a site from Struts 1.x to Struts 2. Looking back
> through the code there was a SSL Extension I used that allowed me to
> set a true/false in the action as to whether or not the action was
> going to be SSL or normal.
> This all extended from the RequestProcessor, so with S2, I am trying
> to figure out how this is to be done.
> Sincerely
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