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From "Dave Newton" <>
Subject RE: [S2] Duty now for the future? (was Re: Question about struts2)
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2006 13:50:55 GMT
As an anecdotal data point:

From: [] On Behalf Of
> On 11/2/06, someone wrote:
> > Hi Ted
> > I just want to ask how stable is the current struts2 version.

It's pretty stable; I have yet to run in to any real issues (except
those caused by my own towering ignorance :)

There are some minor missing features (that my application doesn't need
yet, but the SSL thing is an inconvenience. Easy to fix.) but so far
I've been very happy with it... and it's been a pleasure to work with.

As Ted says it is coming from a stable, mature base, with great


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