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From Dave Newton <>
Subject Re: [s2] 2.0.4, problem with SlashesInActionNames?
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2007 18:32:07 GMT
--- Don Brown <> wrote:
> Hmm..they very well could be exclusive.  I put the
> slashes in name thing in there to support folks that

> used XML configuration, but wanted to do more 
> wildcard-type things with it. 

...I also plan on using the new REST-ful mapper, so I
think I might be out of luck? 

> Say more about what you don't like about how
> namespaces are handled.

One thing that just popped up is:

- I use tiles.
- I *had* a navigation link <s:url
- I *now* have a navigation link <s:url
namespace="foo" action="bar".../>
- Link renders as "/foo/foo/bar.action" if I'm on
"/foo/bar.action" page, which I thought was weird,
since if I'm in the namespace already... but I may
have outfoxed myself configuration-wise and be in a
weird state.


- I can't just say <s:url action="bar".../>; it's a
site-wide nav link
- I can't say <s:url action="foo/bar".../> if using
code-behind because of the afore-mentioned slash issue
- I'd *rather* not say <s:url
value="/foo/bar.action".../> um... for purity? But
maybe this is the "best" answer.

It all started because I wanted to use the @Result(s)
annotations (code-behind dependent?) but this may not
end well.

I guess it's not so much that I don't like the
namespaces, it's just that I wanted the best of both
worlds, because I'm really lazy.


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