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From Rukka <>
Subject Re: Struts-Faces: FormBean and ManagedBean
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2007 04:53:50 GMT
Not trying to hijack the thread. Just a curious question. What is the 
reasons/benefits of using  Struts-Myfaces-Tiles combo? I mean MyFaces 
instead of jsp.



> Hi Rodrigo,
> must admit I am not familiar with ajax4jsf tags. My setup is Struts-Myfaces-Tiles and
I have pages I have to prepopulate pages with radio and check boxes based on what is coming
from LDAP - for that I am forwarding to Struts action which then populates action form and
the I am using same form bean in my dataTable tag. Does that ajax tag require to use manages
bean - or  could you just provide it with action form bean ???.
> P
> Rodrigo Pereira <> wrote: Hi Peter,
> thanks for your reply.
> I want to have an actionForm act as a managed bean just to use ajax (
> ajax4jfs tags ).
> Basically I want to populate 4 fields according to the value of another field.
> Thanks,
> Rodrigo Pereira
> On 2/1/07, PETER BLIZNAK  wrote:
>> Hi Rodrigo,
>> I do not have an answer to your question, but let me ask you why would you wanted
to have actionForm act as a managed bean? I am guessing it is because you want to use it for
loading data into dataTable component. If that is a case you don't have to use managedBean
- any "ordinary" bean would do - so you can use your actionForm bean for dataTable. It works
well for me.
>> Regards,
>> Peter.
>> Rodrigo Pereira  wrote: Hi all,
>> is it possible for a class to play both roles: Struts FormBean, and
>> JSF ManagesBean?
>> I mean, can I declare it on faces-config.xml, and struts-config.xml?
>> Thanks,
>> Rodrigo Pereira

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