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From "Hartrich, James CTR USTRANSCOM J6" <>
Subject RE: Need help debugging Struts application
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2007 15:32:23 GMT
Sounds like you have a problem interpreting the index within your nested
c:forEach. Share your jsp iteration code. 

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From: Himstedt, Maik [] 
Sent: Friday, February 02, 2007 9:24 AM
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Subject: Need help debugging Struts application


I'm experiencing something wierd with the Struts application I'm tasked
take care off. The Struts version in use is 1.2.4, I use Eclipse 3.2.1
a few plugins (StrutsIDE might be iof interest here) for developing. The
application is hosted by Tomcat 5.0.29 locally during development and by
Websphere 6.0 in production. The problem described below happens
of the server.

We have a JSP to show something like a tree structure to the user: the
is presented a "list" with the tree's root at the top followed by the
children. The JSP walks through a list with <c:foreach> and prints out
elements. Internally, this list is generated by a DB access and some
to get it properly ordered (the root is the first element, followed by a
child with it's possible children etc. (a "drawing" is at the end of the

The problem now occuring is: a single children is listed twice (I can
see it
in the generated page's source). I checked the internal list generated
see if the element exists twice there as well before the list is put
the request, but it doesn't, there is only one occurence of it.

Now, is there a way to debug the things happening between the forwarding
the finished output? I set a breakpoint in the JSP for the output page
it stops there without showing the source. I can access the variable,
though, and I can see that the list has TWO occurences now. Any ideas
could cause this or how I can locate the problem?

The list:

 -B <- this is the duplicate of the one directly above

Thanks for your time,


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