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From Dave Newton <>
Subject [OT] Re: General question
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2007 19:37:13 GMT
--- Maya menon <> wrote:
>   Yes I had the variable initially set in session.
> Then when I did Cntrl+N[open new window] from the
> existing browser window, I see the same result in
> the second window.

If you open a new window in IE it will take the
parameters from the current window and duplicate them
in the new one (AFAICR). But that shouldn't be an
issue, as any request issued from the new window will
not be shared with the original window. Only if you
are keeping data in session is there a possibility of
something being "over-written".

>   what way can the appearence of DB values be
> prevented in multiple windows ? 

If everything is in request then there is no possible
way (that I know of, which doesn't mean much :) that
two browser windows are able to make the same request,
by definition.


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