Dear All: I'm using Struts 1.3.5 in my content management web application. I have a form with a dynamic list. To validate it, I used the following in my validator.xml to loop over all elements of the list "childrenForm" of my main form: minlength 3 maxlength 20 Right now, this will show the same error message for all elements, if their name is not in the submitted form. Furthermore, the same message may be shown multiple times with , if multiple names are not filled out by the user). However, I would like to customize the error message per element of the list, and say something like Your field 'Name' for Category #2 ('Mathematics') is required. Please enter a Name. Here 'Mathematics' is the actual field's name property and index is the index of it in the list (or the index plus 1, say). - Is there a way to use something like 'childrenForm[].name' as the value of , instead of using a key? I know it's possible to reference '[]' in the variable 'test', but not in any other variable. - Is there a way to reference the index of the element in the list in an error message? - Is there a way to reference an expression that depends on the index, like an EL expression (e.g. "${index+1}")? Thanks so much in advance, Oren -- ====================================================================== Oren Livne, Ph.D. Research Assistant Professor of Mathematics RUReady Software Architect Academic Outreach and Continuing Education 1901 East South Campus Dr., Room 2197-D University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT 84112-9399 Tel : (801) 581-6831 Cell: (801) 631-3885 Fax: (801) 585-5414 Email: Web: ====================================================================== --------------------------------------------------------------------- To unsubscribe, e-mail: For additional commands, e-mail: