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From Oren Livne <>
Subject Two Struts validation problems
Date Sat, 03 Mar 2007 15:30:34 GMT
Dear All:

I have two problems with Validator. I'm using Struts 1.3.5, Tomcat 6.0.9 
and Java 1.6:
1) I have a form property that is an integer. When I set its validation 
rule to "integer", it
has no effect.
- The form field is populated with a zero value even if a letter is 
typed in the form
instead of a number. How do I make sure that a typing a string would 
result in a validation error?
- Should I use Strings for all my form properties or can I use integers? 
Or Integers?
- I am using PropertyUtil.copyProperties(). If I use Strings for all my 
form properties and integers
in my model's data transfer object, would it automatically convert the 
type of variables in this method?

2) A "validwhen" test condition seems to be ignored:
                   <var-value>((*this* != null) or (newChildForm.comment 
== null))</var-value>
This has a reference to a nested property of the form. Is that OK to use 
it in a test condition?


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