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From Oren Livne <>
Subject Re: Two Struts validation problems
Date Sat, 03 Mar 2007 23:54:53 GMT
Dear Ed:

Thanks so much for your response (all other that replied -- thanks so 
much as well!).
For now, I would like to stick to the first solution: ActionForm with 
String properties.
I already have VOs and don't mind copying over from the form to the VO 
and back.
My last question on this issue is: if I use BeanUtils.copyProperties(vo, 
form) where
I have a form.field : String and vo.field : int (same name, different 
type) and have
validated the form so that I know form.field is convertible to an int, 
would copyProperties()
do that for me? Is that what I should be using (and not 

Thanks so much,

Ed Griebel wrote:
> Chris is right, the zero occurs in the java.lang.Integer(String)
> constructor when it is passed a non-numeric string value. You would
> see this happen in your ActionForm and action class if you weren't
> using the validator. The same thing happens with a non-numeric in a
> java.lang.Double(String) constructor.
> For Struts 1.x, the question of Strings vs. native types in formbeans
> comes up about every 6 months, judging from the questions this week it
> seems it's that time again. The general consensus is that Strings
> preserve incorrect input for redisplay and don't do "mysterious"
> conversions like above, but if native types are used then the formbean
> can also be used as a data transfer object for the database layer,
> removing a set of DTO (a.k.a. DO, VO, etc) classes. Of course, using
> LazyDynaBeans and their ilk let you have the best of both worlds :-)
> -ed
> On 3/3/07, Christopher Schultz <> wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> Oren,
>> Oren Livne wrote:
>> > Dear Chris:
>> > Yes, other validations are working. For instance, I also have an
>> > "intRange" validation on the same integer field. If I type a letter 
>> for
>> > the integer field, it sets it to 0, displays it as 0, and says it's
>> > outside the permissible range (which happens to be 1-4). No errors on
>> > startup. Any idea what could go wrong? :(
>> >
>> > Should I use a String instead of int in my form for that field?
>> I pretty much always use strings.
>> If you have your field type set to "java.lang.Integer", then its value
>> will be either null of an actual number. It's possible that the
>> converter used by the validator will set an invalid input to new
>> Integer(0) just as a default value. So, for instance, if you enter "foo"
>> in for a number, it comes back "0", when it should have been "foo" (at
>> least, I would expect it to say "foo" and an error message).
>> IMHO, a rejected form should come back to the user in exactly the same
>> way it was submitted (plus error messages, of course).
>> Using strings for all form fields /will/ work, but I'm not entirely sure
>> it's necessary to make that happen. I just know that it works for me.
>> - -chris
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