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From Dave Newton <>
Subject Re: resume after login feature
Date Mon, 09 Apr 2007 02:15:29 GMT
--- Jae K <> wrote:
> The only difference between your implementation and 
> mine is that you put the originalUrl in a session 
> whereas I store it away in the client. They're both 
> the same 'cleanlinest' i think.

If you say so; it sure seemed like yours was a lot of
work, and frankly I'd rather role and/or login-aware
actions implemented something specific to that
functionality, for a couple of reasons.

So when I compare these chunks:

<param name="location">
  ${#parameters['origurl'] == null ? 
    '' : #parameters['origurl']}

<s:form action="" validate="true">
  <s:if test="${param.origurl ne null}">
    <s:hidden name="origurl"

etc. to:

<action name="login" class="resume.LoginAction">
  <result name="input">
  <result name="success" type="redirect">

<action name="page1" class="resume.Page1Action">
  <param name="roles">role1, role2</param>

... and a ~50-line interceptor I can't help but like
it. If you chain the login action result it's even
easier and more encapsulated, but so far I prefer the
login url appears for login rather than holding on to
the original request URL; I'm still undecided.

> Dale, I was considering ACEGI / SecurityFilter, but
> I still had to make sure that this feature was 
> *possible* before deciding to use Struts.

I think S2 handles this trivially, but if something
else handled it better, then what would it matter?

Regarding OGNL documentation, bear in mind that OGNL
is a *completely* separate project. The basics are
mostly covered on the Wiki, if you need more
information than that then the OGNL reference
documentation would be the reasonable place to look.


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