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From Torsten Römer <>
Subject Re: Wrong Content Type text/plain
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2007 15:42:05 GMT

Antonio Petrelli wrote:
> 2007/4/12, Torsten Römer <>:
>> However the documentation states that "The latter [StrutsTilesListener]
>> provides tighter integration with Struts features such as freemarker
>> integration." so I wonder if this applies to the Tiles servlet as well
>> and if it would be better to use it instead of the TilesListener?
> I think that this problem is solved in the Tiles SVN repository. The
> problem is that Struts 2 depends on a buggy version of Tiles 2 (yuk!).
> Do not try to replace a new build of Tiles 2 since it won't work, so
> maybe you have to wait until Tiles 2 is released and the integration
> with Struts 2 stabilizes.

I'll gladly wait. I'm already happy that it works now, and I am glad I
tried Struts2 after making two minor webapps with
JSF/MyFaces/Tomahawk/Tiles - maybe a cumbersome combination, but I think
Tiles is just too cool not to use it - because I feel much more
comfortable with Struts2; it seems much more intuitive, the
documentation is much better and the links to the example webapps
actually work. I consider some good "Getting Started" docs and a working
example app very important, as I think many beginners will give up in
frustration when they haven't got anything to work after an hour or so...

Sorry for being off-topic but I just felt like showing some appreciation
for Struts2 :-)


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