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From Adam Ruggles <>
Subject Re: [OT] [RANT] Re: Preparable or interceptors - is there a better mailing list than this ? some thing for total newbies.
Date Sun, 15 Apr 2007 04:11:23 GMT
How are you accessing the database? JDBC, Hibernate, Another ORM solution?

Mansour wrote:
> Ok Dave:
> you are really helping me a lot. I think I'll have to explain to you 
> exactly what I am doing, and you give me an advice about how to do it. 
> Okay?
> I 've been trying to learn struts 2 for a week but not doing any 
> significant progress. I need an program that stores accounts and 
> services with invoices. All I need is to be able to retrieve an 
> account view/add invoices , and services to each invoice.
> When ever, I retrieve an account I want to perform the operations of 
> adding or updating invoices.
> Now I am able to get an account (from the DB) and to view all the 
> invoices, but nothing more. How do I go around this?
> I have tried retrieving the account again (by its id) form the DB but 
> this is not what I want as it keeps on openning connection and get 
> every single from the DB every time I need to update. That's why I 
> asked if I have to use interceptors or implement Preparable and 
> sessionAware.
> By the way, I really appreciate your help, and in many cases you may 
> find my post lacks some info. The reason of this is because I am still 
> LEARNING and I don't know what info you need to be able to help. So if 
> I miss some thing, just ask.
> Dave Newton wrote:
>> --- Mansour <> wrote:
>>> I thought there's a way like .net of jsf to store
>> the  
>>> object in the session and retrieve when needed.
>> Of course you can store an object in the session. You
>> didn't say you wanted to.
>> As I said, without any information about what you're
>> attempting to do or if you're experiencing any
>> specific issues it's pretty difficult to be helpful.
>> d.
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