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From Mansour <>
Subject Re: [OT] [RANT] Re: Preparable or interceptors - is there a better mailing list than this ? some thing for total newbies.
Date Sun, 15 Apr 2007 15:30:24 GMT
Musachy Barroso wrote:
>> I see. So I have to get away from OO in order to do this. I have to
>> create a class called services, that has methods like:
> That's arguable, but it would be outside the scope of this mailing list.
>> I know it pays of,  but do I have to learn and use many frameworks to
>> get a simple application working ?
> I think you asked how to do it, and we are giving you tips based on 
> our own
> experience, there is a zillion ways of doing what you are asking.
> musachy
Great, that 's how I designed the classes for the logic: I have a class 
called Account and it contains all the operations and data that an 
account would need: updateInvoice(somefileds), 
updateAccount(somefileds). The Account data is to be populated the view, 
through AccountAction. Now how do I update (get my hand on the Account) 
that needs to be updated.

One idea was to pass back the account obj to the controller, but if I 
pass it back it has to be a string !!
another idea was to pass back the accID. Ok, then I have to retireve the 
whole account data from the data base, just to update something, which 
not an option.
third idea was to use a persistence objects. Well how many things do I 
have to learn and use to get this small app working. On the other hand, 
I would really like to use OO, meaning encapsulate the behavior in the 
Account Obj.

Next, I am gonna try to find a way to push the Account in the view on 
the stack and access it back from the Action.
Or may be just store it again in the request. Which is not struts for ! 
right? isn't it to hide the access and code with request and session ...

If you have an idea, then let me know.

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