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From Allen Gilliland <>
Subject Re: struts2 equivalent of html:link tag?
Date Mon, 16 Apr 2007 20:48:48 GMT
that works fine for any actions that i have defined, but it doesn't work 
for non-struts actions.  so if i wanted "login" to point to a url like 
"/ui/something.jsp" or "/ui/" then i can't do that because 
it will always just form the url as if the action existed.

i need the ability to point the urls to things outside of just my 
struts2 actions because i am migrating from struts1 to struts2, but not 
all at the same time, so my old struts1 actions are *.do and my new ones 
are *.action.  i need to have the ability to link to my old struts1 
actions from the struts2 config, and so far i can't see how to do that.

-- Allen

Shahak Nagiel wrote:
> How about:
> <a href="<s:url action="login"/>>login</a>
> This will generate a link to the "login.action" URL (as configured in struts.xml) and,
if necessary, do the appropriate URL encoding for the session.
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> From: Allen Gilliland <>
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> Sent: Monday, April 16, 2007 4:00:28 PM
> Subject: struts2 equivalent of html:link tag?
> Is there any struts2 equivalent to the struts1 html:link tag?  I see 
> that the s:a tag is available but is designed for use with ajax and the 
> only other tag i see is s:url.
> The reason I ask is because in my application we used to form links like 
> this ...
> <html:link forward="login">login</html:link>
> and that would build a nice html anchor tag and set the href to the 
> location specified by "login" in the global-forwards section of the 
> struts config, but i can't find an equivalent way of doing that same 
> thing in struts2 using the s:url tag or anything else.
> i suppose what i am really trying to get is the ability to use a logical 
> name like "login" to refer to an actual url like /ui/login.action and be 
> able to form links in my view components using the logical name.  is 
> there a way to do that in struts2?
> -- Allen
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