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From "Jae K" <>
Subject Re: resume after login feature
Date Mon, 09 Apr 2007 04:50:41 GMT
If you say so; it sure seemed like yours was a lot of
> work, and frankly I'd rather role and/or login-aware
> actions implemented something specific to that
> functionality, for a couple of reasons.

Hello Dave:
in terms of work, yours and mine are about the same complexity. However, I
prefer my solution because it doesn't require sessions for guest users, and
this is a good measure for performance. To each his own. :)

I think S2 handles this trivially, but if something
> else handled it better, then what would it matter?

Now I see that S3 handles it trivially, but how would a beginner to S2/OGNL
know without implementing it for himself? Whether or not somethign else
handles it better is irrelevant. The question was whether S2 is flexible
enough for the tasks that I need done.

Regarding OGNL documentation, bear in mind that OGNL
> is a *completely* separate project. The basics are
> mostly covered on the Wiki, if you need more
> information than that then the OGNL reference
> documentation would be the reasonable place to look.

I'm aware, the wiki makes it pretty clear. On the other hand, the overlap
between Struts and OGNL (i.e. what variables are available in the stack for
OGNL expressions etc) is NOT documented well, and that documentation belongs
squarely in the Struts wikis. For example, the Struts wiki does not explain
what the 'request' stack value is (I thought it was the session request
object, but it is not), and some important stack values are not listed.
(such as 'parameters'). Last but not least, it is not obvious that the OGNL
expressions need to be enclosed in ${} when used in the struts config file.
(Is this even true? I don't know since it's not documented! It certainly
isn't documented so in the OGNL documentation).

This is why I asked about wiki authorship permissions.

Anyways, are you a developer for Struts Dave? You've been very helpful,

 - Jae

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