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From Chris Pat <>
Subject Re: newbie alert: forward to a php script
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2007 18:55:28 GMT
That looks like the object.  Thanks.

Information Guzzler <> wrote: Hi Chris,

HttpClient would be an alternative to generate HTTP POST request. For info.


On 4/17/07, Chris Pat  wrote:
> Hello
> Sorry for the persistence/naivete of this, however can someone tell me if
> this is possible and how?  It will be a learning experience for me and I
> appreciate any insight.
> Chris Pat  wrote: Hi Laurie
> Thanks.  All I need is to send a HTTP Post request to  the php script with
> the parameters that the Action received, but having done some processing in
> the Action.  At this point I dont care if the client sees the results of the
> php output.  I dont see how to generate something like a RequestDisptacher
> from within an Action even if I just send the client to a success page at
> the end.
> My design problem is that I am trying to talk to a cc processor using
> struts code.  Right now the only way I can send the post to the cc processor
> and receive the response on the same port is with a php script.  So I
> thought of splitting it up and using curl to send to the cc processor after
> processing it in an Action, receiving it in the php scrip and forwarding it
> to another Action for post processing.  I have to get around the fact that
> the cc processor will only send back a response on the same port that the
> port as the request, obviously without a nicely formatted context/servlet
> syntax.  I believe this will work, if I can only get a post sent to the php
> script which will be a url outside of the Struts framework.  I am sure this
> massively violative MVC and probably not scalable, but I just have to get it
> done.  Thanks for even the slightest insight, even if saying it is utterly
> stupid, grin.
> Laurie Harper  wrote: Chris Pat wrote:
> > Hello
> > Is it possible to have an Action that processes some data and then posts
> to a url completely out of control of the framework?  I want to process and
> write to a db first and then using the same parameters and any added session
> variables post to a php script, initially running on localhost but
> eventually on a completely different url.  Can someone help me understand
> how or why not.  I really need to do it even if it is not to the
> spec.  Thank you.
> Post to? Sure, you can create an HTTP POST request to any URL. But I
> suspect that's not quite what you mean. If you mean /forward/ to, as in
> dispatch to, a PHP script, it's not so straight forward.
> I seem to recall seeing mention on this list in the past of some sort of
> Java-PHP bridge, which may be what you're looking for. Search the
> archives (or Google) for 'Java PHP bridge' and see if that turns
> anything useful up. Alternatively, re-post with clarification of exactly
> what you want to achieve; maybe someone will be able to give a more
> specific solution.
> L.
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