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From Dave Newton <>
Subject Re: [OT] [RANT] Re: Preparable or interceptors - is there a better mailing list than this ? some thing for total newbies.
Date Sat, 14 Apr 2007 23:24:04 GMT
--- Mansour <> wrote:
> I didn't know that I can use hidden fields to pass 
> objects back.

You can't. All you can get back from an HTML form is a
string. That's just the way HTML works.

> In other words, you mean what ever goes in the
> constructor of the action, goes into the Preparable.

> The bottom line, is it's useless then. Just one more

> fancy term to add the framework. right?

Wrong, but my fault because in haste I described it
wrong. By looking at the JavaDocs for either of the
interfaces you mentioned you would have seen that I
was wrong pretty quickly.

>From Preparable:

"Preparable Actions will have their prepare() method
called if the PrepareInterceptor is applied to the

> About built-in XWork type conversion, I had a quick 
> look at the tutorial for type conversion and I don't

> think that's what I want.

It depends on what you're trying to do, which would be
something you'll want to elucidate if you want more
effective help.

As far as I can tell you want to pass the ID of an
object in either a URL or a form then use that ID in
an action to retrieve the object and do whatever you
need to do with it.

Did the CRUD tutorial not give you the information you
think you need? It's not clear to me where you're
having issues; form and parameter handling is pretty
well covered in both the wiki and the sample apps.


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