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From James Mitchell <>
Subject Re: [s2] Can we *please* havea seperate Struts *2* - User list?
Date Wed, 11 Apr 2007 15:14:51 GMT
If you are really interested in bringing clarity to the discussions,  
the people who are interested in having separate lists should be  
prefixing your questions and answers with [s1] or [s2] instead of  
trying to force people to have to subscribe to separate lists.

If someone posts a new question without a prefix, you can always send  
a gentle reminder that such prefixes are preferred, but we should  
never try to enforce it as a rule.

Even if *your* reply uses [s2] and it is the only one in a long  
thread, at least the entire thread gets labelled (sort of) so that  
future searches can use "[s2]" as a filter to narrow the results.   
For example, if you search the googler for "struts action", you get 9,360 results.  However, if you search for  
"s2 action", you get 244.

James Mitchell

On Apr 11, 2007, at 10:55 AM, Bruno Melloni wrote:

> I have to agree.  Having a separate Struts 2 list would be nice, but
> let's face it...
> - Struts 1 "owned" the web presentation space, making the move from  
> 1.x
> to 1.y brainless.
> - But since Struts 2 is a complete rewrite and JSF is competing  
> strongly
> for the same space (with much help from the tool vendors), the  
> choice to
> go to from Struts 1 to 2 is not easy for today's developers.
> Struts 2 - regardless of how much better it is - needs all the help it
> can get to establish itself in the minds of developers.  The price we
> pay by slogging through 100 emails per day in a single list is  
> small if
> it helps Struts 2 win the battle.
> Bruno
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Frank W. Zammetti []
> Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 7:59 PM
> To: Struts Users Mailing List
> Subject: Re: Can we *please* havea seperate Struts *2* - User list?
> I think the thought behind not splitting the lists to this point is  
> that
> Apache experience has been that it tends to divide a community rather
> than direct traffic in a more granular way.  The idea is that a Struts
> user is a Struts user regardless of version, and those that may not be
> using S2 today (yours truly included for the most part) may well be
> using it tomorrow... a person can get a leg-up just by keeping an  
> eye on
> the S2 posts (I know that's true for me).  One could always  
> subscribe to
> multiple lists of course, but in terms of community, a single united
> list theoretically at least yields more synergy.  This is my
> interpretation of things I've seen stated in the past (I happen to  
> agree
> with it too :) ).  Maybe the thinking is different now by those who  
> are
> in a position to change things, I don't know.
> As for a forum, I seem to remember Apache infrastructure not  
> supporting
> it, and I also seem to remember something about Apache projects not
> (directly at least) using outside resources... others more  
> knowledgeable
> than I would have to answer this though... I can't off the top of my
> head think of any other Apache project that has a forum that is
> officially linked to the project.  As a personal opinion, I'm not  
> sure I
> see the benefit of a forum vs. a mailing list, they seem pretty well
> even to me, maybe a slight edge to the mailing list since it goes  
> to my
> mail client... I could see a good argument though for a forum that
> supplies an RSS feed too.
> Frank
> Antony Stubbs wrote:
>> Well it might have made sense if struts 2 issues were somehow
>> applicable to struts 1, but they're mostly not.
>> For Struts 2 to be adopted, it needs to be clearly separated from
>> struts 1, as is the code base. This includes having clearly separate
>> support to make it as easy as possible to find help. It's not like
>> it's we want a struts 1.5 list. 2 is very different from 1.
>> What's the mentality for keeping them jumbled together?
>> I suppose you don't see a separate mailing list for every major
>> tapestry release, but this is a case of adopting the best process  
>> that
>> fit's the situation, and in this situation the lists should be
> seperate IMO.
>> Dave Newton-4 wrote:
>>> --- Antony Stubbs <> wrote:
>>>> This list seems to be quite busy, and I think everyone would  
>>>> benefit
>>>> hugely from separating out
>>> the
>>>> two frameworks for obvious reasons. Actually I'm surprised this
>>>> hasn't been done already.
>>> It's been brought up (even by me) in the past; I still agree and
>>> would vote for separation if it was votable.
>>> d.
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