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From Dave Newton <>
Subject Re: intercept return, and Interceptor implementing ServletRequestAware
Date Mon, 16 Apr 2007 01:53:07 GMT
--- Mansour <> wrote:
> What's the point then of having an action, if the
> intercept method is going to execute the action. Why

> don't I just put the action code in an interceptor ?

Because interceptors are normally called for *groups*
of actions, not just one... just like it says in the
first couple of paragraphs at the top of:

For instance, "validation" is a cross-cutting concern.
So it makes sense to move it away from the code that
decides what to to with the validated data.

Of course you *could* put all your action code into an
interceptor and define an interceptor stack for every
action-that-no-longer-had-an-action. There are many
ways to make things harder--don't get me wrong, I
applaud your efforts to find them.

You could put all your action code into filters, then
you wouldn't even need servlets. Or put everything
inside a JSP, then you wouldn't even need to compile
or worry about whether or not your container


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