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From Dave Newton <>
Subject Re: resume after login feature
Date Mon, 09 Apr 2007 09:26:25 GMT
--- Jae K <> wrote:
> [...] it doesn't require sessions for guest users

I can't get all worked up about a single string in
session for guests who will only use it if they hit a
page where they need to log in, and if they're logging
in, they're not guests anymore!

> For example, the Struts wiki does not explain what 
> the 'request' stack value is (I thought it was the 
> session request object, but it is not), 

While I agree the OGNL docs need some rework:

does say "Along with the value stack, the framework
places other objects in the ActionContext, including
Maps representing the application, session, and
request contexts."

Could be clearer, especially for those that don't know
the framework, but it's sorta there, and it's also in
the FAQ:
actually mentions 'parameters' down at the bottom, and
specifically states that 'parameters' is for
request.getParameter, 'request' is for
request.getAttribute, etc.

> Last but not least, it is not obvious that the OGNL
> expressions need to be enclosed in ${} when used in
> the struts config file. (Is this even true? I don't 
> know since it's not documented! It certainly isn't 
> documented so in the OGNL documentation).

That's a config-file issue, not OGNL, and actually is
addressed in the FAQs, but someone or myself will add
a note to the results configuration page (I think that
makes the most sense?)

> Anyways, are you a developer for Struts Dave?

Brain's too small :/

A lot of the issues with the documentation isn't so
much that the information isn't there, but that it's
somewhat difficult find at times.

...and sometimes you are forced to read to the bottom
of the page ;)


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