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From "Bruno Melloni" <>
Subject RE: Can we *please* havea seperate Struts *2* - User list?
Date Wed, 11 Apr 2007 14:55:45 GMT
I have to agree.  Having a separate Struts 2 list would be nice, but
let's face it... 

- Struts 1 "owned" the web presentation space, making the move from 1.x
to 1.y brainless.  

- But since Struts 2 is a complete rewrite and JSF is competing strongly
for the same space (with much help from the tool vendors), the choice to
go to from Struts 1 to 2 is not easy for today's developers.  

Struts 2 - regardless of how much better it is - needs all the help it
can get to establish itself in the minds of developers.  The price we
pay by slogging through 100 emails per day in a single list is small if
it helps Struts 2 win the battle.


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From: Frank W. Zammetti [] 
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 7:59 PM
To: Struts Users Mailing List
Subject: Re: Can we *please* havea seperate Struts *2* - User list?

I think the thought behind not splitting the lists to this point is that
Apache experience has been that it tends to divide a community rather
than direct traffic in a more granular way.  The idea is that a Struts
user is a Struts user regardless of version, and those that may not be
using S2 today (yours truly included for the most part) may well be
using it tomorrow... a person can get a leg-up just by keeping an eye on
the S2 posts (I know that's true for me).  One could always subscribe to
multiple lists of course, but in terms of community, a single united
list theoretically at least yields more synergy.  This is my
interpretation of things I've seen stated in the past (I happen to agree
with it too :) ).  Maybe the thinking is different now by those who are
in a position to change things, I don't know.

As for a forum, I seem to remember Apache infrastructure not supporting
it, and I also seem to remember something about Apache projects not
(directly at least) using outside resources... others more knowledgeable
than I would have to answer this though... I can't off the top of my
head think of any other Apache project that has a forum that is
officially linked to the project.  As a personal opinion, I'm not sure I
see the benefit of a forum vs. a mailing list, they seem pretty well
even to me, maybe a slight edge to the mailing list since it goes to my
mail client... I could see a good argument though for a forum that
supplies an RSS feed too.


Antony Stubbs wrote:
> Well it might have made sense if struts 2 issues were somehow 
> applicable to struts 1, but they're mostly not.
> For Struts 2 to be adopted, it needs to be clearly separated from 
> struts 1, as is the code base. This includes having clearly separate 
> support to make it as easy as possible to find help. It's not like 
> it's we want a struts 1.5 list. 2 is very different from 1.
> What's the mentality for keeping them jumbled together?
> I suppose you don't see a separate mailing list for every major 
> tapestry release, but this is a case of adopting the best process that

> fit's the situation, and in this situation the lists should be
seperate IMO.
> Dave Newton-4 wrote:
>> --- Antony Stubbs <> wrote:
>>> This list seems to be quite busy, and I think everyone would benefit

>>> hugely from separating out
>> the
>>> two frameworks for obvious reasons. Actually I'm surprised this 
>>> hasn't been done already.
>> It's been brought up (even by me) in the past; I still agree and 
>> would vote for separation if it was votable.
>> d.
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