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From Laurie Harper <>
Subject Re: Validator Problem
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2007 19:02:32 GMT
Tom Bednarz wrote:
> I use a form derived from ValidatorActionForm.
> If the validator fires a message and redisplays the form, I loose my 
> request params!
> I do:
> <html:link action="/" styleClass="button">
> this actions opens a form with a request parameter op set to new.
> inside this form I do something like:
>     <html:form action="/editExpense" method="post" focus="expenseType">
>         <c:if test="${requestScope.op == 'new'}">
>             <html:hidden name="op" property="op" value="insert"/>
>         </c:if>
>         <c:if test="${requestScope.op == 'insert'}">
>             <html:hidden name="op" property="op" value="insert"/>
>         </c:if>
>         <c:if test="${requestScope.op == 'update'}">
>                 <html:hidden name="op" property="op" value="update"/>
>         </c:if>
> .....
> If the user enters garbage in any field that is validated the form is 
> redisplayed with an error message on the right side of the field.
> BUT THE ${requestScope.op} is empty and therefore this information is 
> LOST!! Any idea what I am doing wrong???

I would guess it has to do with how you're setting up the 'op' hidden 
input. you have name="op" property="op" value="..." which is telling 
Struts to use the 'op' property of a bean named 'op' in some scope. What 
does the generated HTML look like?

I would suggest:

a) move the hidden input outside the c:if tests, and just set it 
b) simplify the html:hidden, or maybe use vanilla HTML instead of the 
custom action, since you don't need the extra functionality provided by 
html:hidden in this case.

The result would look like one of:

     <html:hidden name="op" value="${requestScope.op}"/>
     <input type="hidden" name="op" value="${requestScope.op}" />



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