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From Laurie Harper <>
Subject Re: Interceptors and thread-safety
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2007 02:57:23 GMT
Dale Newfield wrote:
> Shahak Nagiel wrote:
>> This was my concern exactly; Is a separate interceptor instance shared 
>> among all references to each action, or more broadly just a 
>> Struts-wide singleton?
>> For example, if you configure an execAndWait for both actions "foo" 
>> and "bar", with delays of 2 and 4, respectively, will Struts 
>> instantiate a single execAndWait instance that keeps toggling delays 
>> between 2 and 4 (which is decidedly NOT thread-safe), or will it 
>> appropriately maintain two copies (one for foo's interceptor stack, 
>> one for bar's)?
> Likewise, should two different users both calling an execAndWait action 
> be able to co-exist, or will they mess with each other up?

One would hope the former ;-) execAndWait obeys the thread-safety 
requirement, so there shouldn't be any collisions on a 
request-by-request basis.


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