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From Laurie Harper <>
Subject Re: [s2] use remoteUser with struts tags
Date Mon, 30 Apr 2007 17:12:47 GMT
OGNL in Struts provides access to these scopes via named attributes on 
the stack (e.g. %{#session.attribute}). It seams quite reasonable to me 
to want to limit pages to using a single expression language. I don't 
know if this use case is viable, but it's reasonable to want it :-)

To the OP: what did you try, and what happened? Post exactly what 
configuration you set, what you tried in the JSP and what errors or 
unexpected behaviours you saw as a result.


Felipe Rodrigues wrote:
> Why did you disabled EL and how did you do that?
> You can use EL with OGNL. OGNL works only with things in its stack, and I'm
> not sure about how get things from outside its stack, e.g. Session, Request,
> Context or even Page. To get these values, the best way is use EL.
> I can't see any reason to don't use EL.
> Regards,
> Felipe
> Marcin Orlinski wrote:
>> Hello
>> I have problem only in JSP. I have disabled EL and I tried use OGNL. Can
>> you give me example how to get this information ?
>> Best regards.
>> Marcin OrliƄski
>> Felipe Rodrigues wrote:
>>> Well,
>>> If you're in a JSP, you can get it direct from the request, even using EL
>>> or using expressions.
>>> If you're in a action you may want take a look at the documentation.
>>> Specific in the part of FAQ -> How To.
>>> You'll find that you can get the request object by implementing the
>>> interface ServletRequestAware or using the code
>>> ActionContext.getContext().getRequest().
>>> Using the interface is a better approach. Make your choice. :-)
>>> Regards,
>>> Felipe

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