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From Ray Clough <>
Subject Re: xhtml problem
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2007 19:40:30 GMT

That is exactly how I do it now, using the xhtml1-transitional dtd.  But when
the container assembles the page, it is not valid xhtml, because of the
nested s2-tag elements.  For example, the s2 documentation uses this example
to dynamically change the css class of a tr element:
<tr class="<s:if test="#groupStatus.odd == true
Aside from the nested double quotes, which would keep it from working
anyway, the s2 tags inside the tr tag will not work with a 'jsp document'
(Sun's name for them), but will work for a 'jsp page'.  That leaves anyone
using jsp document format in a world of hurt.  The s2 tag guides are full of
jsp page examples, but not a single jsp-document example.  My bet is that
whoever initially architected the s2 tags never considered this use case. 
The only fall-back is to mix the s2 tags with jstl and jsp-el to achieve the
desired effects, but this takes more lines of code than either s2 or jstl
alone, and of course the s2 tags work best with the s2 data stack.

- rc

Manos Batsis wrote:
> Ray Clough wrote:
>> The failure is in the deployed code.  The processor which produces html
>> from the jsp markup (in tomcat, in this case) will not allow the nested
>> elements.  It is treating everything as pure xml, and the dtd for xhtml
>> won't allow that type of markup.  I could live with it if it was only the
>> editor which was complaining.  I have been trying to use a blend of jsp
>> el with the s2 tags, but that has problems too.
> Use the jsp:output [1] element to declare the DTD you want the response 
> XHTML to use.
> [1]
> hth,
> Manos
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