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From Manos Batsis <>
Subject Re: xhtml problem
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2007 10:14:45 GMT
Ray Clough wrote:
> I produce all my jsp pages is xml format - ie. as 'jspx' jsp-documents.  I
> find a serious drawback to the struts tags, and I'm wondering if anyone has
> a suggestion.  The xhtml does not allow element content within other
> elements; for example the <td> tag cannot contain a <s:if> tag.  Lots of
> examples in the struts documentation use this, which is not a problem for
> regular html, but is a big show stopper in xml.  The tags do allow jsp-el,
> but not other elements.

Just do not use the DTDs while editing JSPs; for example include them in 
the response using a static JSP include.

If you want validation during editing, the only AFAIK way would be to 
play with the W3C Schema components developed as "Modularization of 
XHTML in XML Schema" [1].




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