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From Jeromy Evans <>
Subject Re: [S2] <s:textfield> questions
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2007 10:07:38 GMT
meeboo wrote:
> Hey all
> Is there a way to set a default value for a s:textfield? 
<s:textfield name="somefield" value="%{'literal text value'}"/>

<s:textfield name="somefield" value="%{otherPropertyName}"/>

> I am trying
> something like this: <s:textfield name="someField" value="<s:property
> value="someValue" /> but am receiving a TLD error. 
<s:textfield name="somefield" value="${someValue}"/> is the equivalent 
of what you have tried, but the approach above is better
> I also discovered that a <s:form> doesn't capture values from disabled input
> fields, now I know that there's already been a bug reported on s:textfield
> not being able to handle the 'disabled' attribute properly, but even if I
> use a standard <input disabled name="someValue"/> the form won't parse the
> value. Is this a bug or expected behaviour?
Experiment: Create an html form with a disabled html input and see what 
gets posted

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