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From prasad kumar <>
Subject is there anyway to store the previous added lateExtraAmount?
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2007 07:48:17 GMT
  iam using struts, i have one class i.e LateExtra,in this class
   i have wriiten the code like below
  double lateExtraAmount = calc.calculateLateExtra(currentContract);
   from the above iam getting the lateExtraAmount
   for ex:intially the amount is 2000 After that i Updated the amount to 2500,
  then the lateExtraAmount =Updated Amount-Intial amount i.e 500,
  then After that iam setting the value  as
  After some time I updated the amount from 2500 to 2600 then lateExtraAmount=Updated Amount-Intial
amount i.e 100.
   but i want the previous added lateExtraAmount and Latest added lateExtraAmount .for that
i have wriiten the code like below
  String newLateExtraAmount=new Double(Double.parseDouble(model.getAmount())+lateExtraAmount).toString().
   but the problem with the above code is whenever iam going to that screen the amount is
  my problem  is there anyway to store the previous added lateExtraAmount? so that i can add
the previous added lateExtraAmount with  Latest added lateExtraAmount.i will get the result
  if anybody knows please assist me i have been trying from the last two days...

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