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From yitzle <>
Subject Using a tag as an attribute value
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2007 19:03:34 GMT
I got a linkIf.tag file that's working well. It checks the test and
either creates a link the the url with the body as the link content
(ie < a href="<%=url%>" ><jsp:doBody /></a>) or just shows the body
sans link.

<html:linkIf test="0" url="manager.action">
	<s:property value="online"/>
</html:linkIf >

I want to set the test attribute to be <s:property value="online"/>,
and that's where I run into trouble.
I tried:

<html:linkIf test="<s:property value="online"/>" url="manager.action">
<html:linkIf url="DevieManager.action">
	<jsp:param name="test">
		<s:property value="devicesOnline"/>
and a bunch of random other bad ideas.

Can someone suggest a solution?
Other tips on the code presented would also be good to hear.
 - Isaac

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